The benefits of Tomus-UNI disposable hygienic boot & shoe covers

– Keep your living and working space crystal clear Works great for people that have to take them on and off to go in people’s houses.
– Extremely easy to open and deploy It has a large foot opening area, which makes it easy to slip over one’s shoes. Thick material means you can re-use them if you truly wanted to.
– Cost-efficient and safe alternative to disposable shoe covers.

Non- Woven Shoe Covers


– Great usage in home inspectors, plumbers, carpet cleaners, real estate professionals, painters, maid services, cable and internet companies, glass cleaners. Specifications:

– Material: polypropylene non woven fabric
Size: 15.7(L) x 6.69(W) inch (fit up to US Men’s 11.5and US Women’s 12.5 adult shoe sizes)
– Color: Blue
– Package Included: 100 Pairs(200 Pieces in a Pack)


– If your shoe size range more than 12, this shoe covers maybe not fit.
– Don’t wear them on the surfaces were covered too much water.
– Don’t wear them on rough surfaces. If you do, holes will start to appear.