Material: The  disposable infusion set is made of medical polymer materials, and the catheter is made of flexible (PVC) polyvinyl chloride / PP

Product description: Disposable infusion set with needle implements registered product standard: YZB / Guo 0682-2011 “Disposable infusion set with needle”. The product is mainly composed of stopper puncture device, air intake device, pipeline, drip hopper, flow regulator, injection piece, liquid filter, intravenous infusion needle, protective sleeve, and is a gravity infusion type. The dropper is 20 drops = 1ml ± 0.1ml. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide and is sterile, non-pyrogenic and non-hemolytic.

Advantages: The disposable infusion set terminal is equipped with a protective sleeve, which will not fall naturally, and is easy to remove, completely making the inner surface of the infusion set sterile. A wide variety of types, including plastic pin type, plastic steel pin, double steel pin type, single steel pin type, injection dropper, blow molding dropper type, blow molded drop, high elasticity, etc., fully meet the individual needs of customers

Scope of application: Disposable infusion set is suitable for human body to deliver liquid medicine intravenously.